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We are an industry-leading software testing company providing quality assurance service for next-gen software. Software apps for mobile devices and websites go through a series of testing on their usability, performance, and compatibility across platforms.

We understand that the goal of every business or brand centers around the development of technological innovations that offer quality and efficient service. An app or website that performs all intended functions must do it in a way that gives users a great experience. In software development, quality is never too much, and we employ best practices and proven methods to assess all outsourced software development.

Our testing methods involve a couple of processes including; functional checks, automated testing, performance checks, and security testing. We utilize these methods in both Android app testing and iOS app testing as well.
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Security Testing

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In a world of cyber attacks, the security of software is of paramount importance. Our security testing service reveals vulnerabilities and loopholes in your app or software. In software testing, minimizing the risk of attack is best achieved through a series of security tests. We offer penetration testing, check for software integrity, and assess the security of the network. In mobile app and web designs, we run checks from inside the app through binary analysis, hardcoded credentials, and checking for side-channel leakage.

Automated Testing

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As one of the leading software testing firms, we offer an automated system for testing. It’s a customizable platform to assess the performance, compatibility, and maintenance of software; be it web-based or app-based. A couple of benefits when you use our automated testing platform include fast turnaround, reduced regression costs, and consistent multiplatform testing.

We provide customer-centric service you can trust. Reach out to us to get the quality assurance your app or software project needs.

Functionality Checks

Functionality checks look at functions of the software, and review its stability and reliability before its release. This type of quality check assesses all features to verify if they are all consistent in quality. The technical specifications and details of all the software features are duly noted and documented. This test also checks for bugs. If any are detected, the problem is addressed before the eventual release of the software.

Additionally, integration testing falls under functionality checks. Other testing includes regression, system testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and more. As a reliable quality assurance service provider, we have the domain knowledge to fine-tune any software to match or exceed the standards of any industry.

Performance Checks

The performance of a mobile app or website is crucial to the experience for the end-user. Many companies rolling out technological software for the advancement of their business know not to release their innovations without testing. In our many years of providing quality assurance, performance checks of our software has been remained an active part of our business operations. We check for responsiveness, stress testing, load testing, and more on every architecture and design we work on. Speed and scalability of software are also assessed to extract the maximum performance capabilities. The goal of the performance check is to test how fast a website or mobile app loads in real-time. Depending on how each function displays, we then come up with solutions to ensure the efficiency of the app or website. We understand the requirements of our clients, and we research the needs of their audience to fine-tune the software to meet the desired and acceptable standard.

Our team of software testing experts put in immense effort to make a design serve the purpose for which it needs to fulfill. In addition, we make a point to do so in an efficient way that gives users a great experience. Our professional software testing team is adept with lots of load testing tools, server monitoring tools, and other technology that’s essential to finding bottlenecks in a design.
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Android & iOS App testing

A large proportion of mobile users rely on Android operating systems, as well as the iOS ecosystem. As the number of users continues to grow, businesses will need to accommodate larger audiences.

Our app tests for Android and iOS systems enables companies to release better apps that are well developed; serving the purpose for which it is built and complying with all major security standards. The performance, integration, capability, and user experience of an app are tested with scrutiny. We test network traffic, OS version performance, CPU, and a host of other functions that signifies the compatibility of an app with an Andriod and/or iOS system. Our developers keep up with methods of effective app checks; we are professionals at Swift, Objective C, Javascript, and other programming languages for mobile apps.

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