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Education human resources is an integral part of a school system at all levels. It oversees the management of staff and students, alongside recruitment and other developmental protocols. We provide cloud-based HRMs for high schools and other educational institutions. Right from the point of recruitment to retirement, each staff member is able to be well managed and candidates can be vetted to find the best educators. With our custom software, schools can optimize their workforce.
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Staff Hiring

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Hiring staff can be tedious to keep up with. With our unique system, a school’s recruitment process becomes significantly smoother. From determining vacancy to careful selection of the ideal person to take up a position, our HR custom software does an excellent job of helping the administration stay ahead of the process.

In custom software development for school HR, the employment process is designed with basic knowledge of computer operation from a user perspective, any educational institution can set up employment guidelines and parameters to streamline the type of candidates or professional that gets the job. We understand that the major concern for any institution is the recruitment of the right individual for the job, so we create systems with simple features that allow vetting features like questionnaires, embedded interviews, qualification assessments, and compiling feedback. This approach is personalized, based on the need of each educational HR team we partner with. Our software development supports HR in delivering the best service.

Staff Development

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The development of staff is crucial to the sustained growth of any education system. Teachers and other school personnel must stay atop developments and new approaches to tackling challenges related to the institution. With our learning and development software design, school management can ensure teachers to keep dishing out great educational experiences. This type of learning strategy builds up the workforce, adds value, and improves the quality of teaching. We develop custom learning platforms fitted with modules that facilitate employee training. A platform that allows employees to take lessons that improve their overall work performance. It tracks participation for all individuals assigned to take part.

On completion of the training, a system can take feedback from participants to help the administration evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons, as well as the entire program. Likewise, accountability is tracked through attendance analysis and tests. More importantly, a collection of learning activities can be designed or integrated into a Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) library.

Paperless Record Management

In our custom software development, directories are created for a school’s HR to keep track of all employees’ records and manage it effectively. This cloud-based development provides a safe alternative to traditional paperwork; which is prone to destruction and other incidents. The tedious processes involved in paper records — searching for information and affecting corrections — are easy to perform on a computerized database system.
The automated online system synchronizes with the employees’ portal to keep track of activities for each day. In the same vein, general information is disseminated with ease — just at the touch of a button.

To create a detailed database accessible in seconds and ever-relevant employee information, the Employee Self Service (ESS) is designed to be utilized by employees to update information about themselves to easily keep the database accurate. This is especially important to retrieve important employee information as things change. Licenses and accreditation of staff can also be monitored to take note of expiration, renewal, and updates.

Employee Performance Management

To keep an institution at the top of its game, the performance of the employee should be tracked and monitored to increase productivity. With our custom software development, administrators can manage employees from one dashboard and provide solutions to correct a lag in performance. Employee progress over time is tracked, and aspects that require improvements can be easily noticed. Steps are taken to quickly address declines that will affect the performance of the institution as a whole.

Our software is tailored to the need of our clients so metrics for measuring growth are decided by the users and HR departments of each educational facility. Management of this sort helps to build the competence level of each worker to see if each is fulfilling the role assigned. More importantly, it’s not a system designed to spot the flaws of teachers and other personnel, but rather to detect when and where employees need assistance.

Financial & Expansion Management

HR can beat challenges associated with managing finances via payroll solutions and expansion if applicable. Besides the data of all students, data of teachers is equally necessary. We are a top-tier developer of custom software solutions for HR challenges in educational institution management.

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