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Top firms and startups allocate substantial budgets to maintaining their software system; this is crucial to running any enterprise smoothly. To keep up with high-quality service, an organization must focus on a web platform and/or mobile app system it uses to provide its services to customers or clients. Software maintenance needs to be periodic to avoid crashes that can lead to the inactivity of software; costing your company dearly.

Software maintenance is a part of the technological solutions we offer to companies at all levels. We render software maintenance services to companies so they can focus on other parts of the business. We proactively address technological irregularities to prevent total breakdowns and low app performance. Our services and support vary based on the needs of your software system.
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Corrective & Perfective Maintenance

Our corrective maintenance approach fixes all types of errors affecting your software and productivity. We check for bugs and errors relating to the code, design, and logic. As we enact best practices to correct malfunctions, we also specialize in preventive techniques. We assess your software performance and give it the needed attention to keep it running. We edit, modify, enhance, and rectify possible problems that are likely to cause a malfunction in the long run.

Or perhaps, there are some minor adjustments that are needed after launch. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to worry because we offer 6 months free support with every project. If you opt for full maintenance, you can be sure your app never suffers.
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Adaptive Maintenance

We understand you may have existing software that requires a transformational processes to make it perform additional functions. We can help you make modifications to support utility, localization, regulation, and integration into other systems. The perks of our adaptive maintenance are trendy design and methodologies we employ to enable you to stay ahead of your competition. With the current standard of software development and systems, you’ll serve customers better and stay competitive in your industry.

Preventative Maintenance & Upgrades

Preventive maintenance and upgrades are the core requirements of every software to prevent it from becoming obsolete. Based on feedback from users, we detect the source of any mishap and address it promptly. We also give necessary upgrades to keep the app at optimal performance and ensure it keeps serving its purpose. During upgrades, functions of the apps are improved, often extending the lifecycle of the app itself.
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Our processes are simple and transparent as we provide our services. We analyze your software, generate a maintenance proposal suitable for it, and test the maintenance structure as we provide ongoing support as necessary. Upon completion, all steps will have been taken, any issues have been addressed, and results will have been generated to give our clients an overview of the rendered service.

Customized Services

The world of technology-dependent platforms requires constant and unique solutions. We offer customized services that fit and address the issues of our clients. Our comprehensive list of customized services includes handling crashes, overseeing source code, fixing glitches, and testing in-app features and general software functions. Furthermore, with apps designed for companies and assigned solely to workers and/or systems for the purpose of managing company data, we address the needs of these individual situations and custom software.

Our data management policies comply with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards; it’s one of the major reasons why our clients choose us. We also pay close attention to detail when carrying out reliable and accurate services. As we embark on your software maintenance projects, you can be assured of a high-quality approach as we input our wealth of experience. We work with your budget and project to decrease the total cost of ownership without compromising on quality. Above all, timeliness means a lot to us. We set a delivery date and stick to it.

Certified Team of Experts

Each time we assign a team over developers to a project, the team focuses solely on coming up with solutions and giving constant support. Every developer is certified in their field with ample experience in working on projects of that type. They understand the needs, desires, and perspectives of clients. We do the extra research to discern the needs of your audience and learn the industry trends, then use this information to provide solutions that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our round-the-clock customer service is always on hand to take feedback anytime. We have a long list of satisfied clients, and we look forward to working with you.

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