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We are the best and one of the largest teams of developers for Point-Of-Sale (POS) applications and systems, such as Clover. Are you running a retail business? That just means you probably know the importance of an effective Point-Of-Sale system. Generally speaking, the POS is the nervous system of a successful business.

If you are thinking to install these systems in any of your business models, then you should know that it could be detrimental if such an important piece of your business is handled by an incompetent POS system developer.

If you’ve already had your fair share of troubles associated with finding yourself proficient POS system developers, then you’ll probably be more than concerned when you hand out the job to another developer. We’ll be sure to deliver an efficient, secure, and tailored take on a POS system that will be specific to your business.
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Component of a Functioning POS System

As you consider which developers would be good enough for your POS system, having an idea about what makes the system work is helpful. Amongst many other advantages, you’ll be able to properly express yourself and precisely lay emphasis on what you what. So, what are these components of a functioning POS system? There are two major approaches for developing a software system for POS:


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The cloud-based approach is also widely known as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development, and it primarily focuses on internet-based accessibility. As a result, most POS features are readily available and accessed only via the internet. On occasion when the internet goes down, a well-developed POS system tracks and synchronize sales immediately after the internet connectivity is restored.

On Premise

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Contrary to the cloud-based approach, this is a much more traditional POS system approach. It requires lots of licenses, which you would have to purchase and install on servers and hardware that would host the POS system. Additionally, this approach requires some timely maintenance which can be done by dedicated IT professionals from external organizations of developers like us. The On-premise solution is quantifiable and what most offline businesses require, which is why its a popular option.


The hardware of most POS systems remains the same across all POS systems. These hardware pieces are essential in all parts of a POS system, and include must-have features to complete most transactions. Some example includes:

  • Register Screen 
  • Cash Drawers
  • Barcode Scanners 
  • Receipt printer
  • Credit Card 
  • Security 

Why Choose Us?


POS system developers (including Clover developers) are no good if they don’t know how to create a personalized, custom solution that would work for your specific business or business model. Due to our vast experience working with a variety of businesses, we know what works and what doesn’t! As a result, we can develop software designs which will be perfect for you.

Developing a POS system sounds pricy and cost-intensive. You might even be tempted to think it would cost a fortune. That’s not necessarily the case. Although most developers charge outrageously, which is quite understandable, our services are very affordable.
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